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For Dr. James Campbell, treatment always begins with the individual. Each of us are unique and require our own individual treatment plan. Dr. James Campbell has adopted a humanistic solution that relies on a strong, collaborative therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client. Without this strong foundation of mutual trust and respect, progress through psychotherapy cannot be achieved.

His treatment is client-guided, meaning that you determine which issues are important throughout your sessions and decide on the next steps. Your treatment will focus on teaching you how to solve your problems by using your strengths and helping you apply these techniques in your everyday life. By helping you solve your own problems, you’ll increase your self-confidence and self-worth while also reducing your treatment time.

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Acceptance, warmth and collaboration – these are my goals

Dr. James Campbell uses well-researched and validated approaches that allow him to draw from several different schools of psychology to treat you effectively and efficiently. He provides psychotherapy for:

Acute stress disorder
Adjustment disorder
Anger management
Agoraphobia and other phobias
Alcohol abuse and dependency
Anxiety disorders
Bipolar disorder
Child abuse behavior

Conversion disorder
Communication issues
Coping skills
Cyclothymic disorder
Delusional disorder
Dialect treatment
Dissociative disorder
Domestic violence treatment
Impulse control issues

Panic disorders
Parenting issues
Personality disorders
Pervasive development disorder
Post-partum depression
PTSD treatment
Relationship issues
Self-esteem issues

While he relies on different psychological disciplines to treat his clients, his real strength lies in his ability to relate to them. He is a people person with a laid-back, professional style that his patients find comforting. No matter what your situation may be, you and Dr. Campbell can work through it together.

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