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Work through the symptoms of depression with the help of a psychologist.

Depression is a common and serious mental health condition characterized by persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness, along with a lack of interest in daily activities. Depression goes beyond the normal feelings of sadness or temporary emotional lows that people experience from time to time. Some of the common symptoms of depression include persistent sadness, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, fatigue and loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, and more. Some people may even experience physical symptoms, such as aches and pains.

Depression in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you have depression, you know just how difficult it is to get up every day and move forward with what you need to do. Dr. James Campbell is aware of this struggle and can help you find ways to cope with the symptoms of your depression and find relief from this mental illness.

Dr. Campbell has helped many patients here in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area struggling with depression, and he is ready to provide his help and guidance to you. He works hard to maintain a comfortable, judgement-free environment, so you feel free to share your experiences, set goals, and work through your difficulties with his help.

Depression is a complex mental health condition that can have various contributing factors, including genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. In many cases, depression can also coexist with other mental health disorders. Reach out to the office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC, today to seek help with your depression and set up an appointment.

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