Ten Empowering Mantras for Dealing with Depression

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Dealing with depression can be an all-consuming task. Depression is a persistent disorder that requires a spectrum of interventions. The office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC understands that the best treatments for depression include an array of tools ranging from small, everyday adjustments to dealing with the larger underlying issues.

Ten Empowering Mantras for Dealing with Depression

When depression is approached from every angle, you’ll see the best results. In that spirit, here are ten empowering mantras you can incorporate in your daily life that help in dealing with depression:

  1. My struggles are not who I am.
  2. I treat myself with loving kindness.
  3. My thoughts are just thoughts, not facts.
  4. I am resilient.
  5. I will find a way through these challenges.
  6. I can lean on others for support.
  7. I am worthy of love, kindness, and compassion.
  8. I have the power to create change in my life.
  9. I will choose hope over despair.
  10. I am open to healing.

In this list, there are likely some mantras that resonate with you and others that do not, and that’s okay. The key is to embrace the thoughts that help and leave the rest. By being intentional about shifting your focus with empowering mantras like these, you can make more progress in dealing with depression than you might think.

Still, dealing with depression is a long game, often requiring interventions both big and small. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Campbell brings his wealth of expertise and caring attention to his patients to help them find relief and hope. Reach out to his office for a free consultation and take charge of your mental health.