PTSD, Plantation, FL

Dr. Campbell has the knowledge and experience needed to help guide you through your PTSD symptoms.

You may have heard of PTSD and you may or may not know that those letters stand for post traumatic stress disorder. What does that mean? Well, after you experience some of major stress, serious threat or trauma in your life, your body can develop a psychological response that can be expressed in a number of different ways.

PTSD in Plantation, Florida

Generally (though not always), PTSD is expressed in one or more of these symptoms:

  • Increased anxiety
  • New or worsening depression
  • Disruptions in sleep patterns
  • Sometimes unpredictable or sudden changes in behaviors or habits
  • Increased anger or more frequent irritability
  • Vivid flashbacks or recurrent nightmares
  • Intrusive thoughts that interfere with your wellbeing
  • Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Avoidance behaviors

Not only can PTSD affect you personally, it can also have negative impacts for your family and your friends, as well as interfering with your ability to work or enjoy your daily life. PTSD can be caused by a single traumatic event or a series of events, and depending on the situation, the events could be ongoing even as you decide to seek treatment. There are many different potential triggers of PTSD, including domestic violence, various types of abuse, rape, natural disasters and many other unfortunate situations.

Here at the office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC, you will find genuine, professional assistance for PTSD and other psychological challenges. Dr. Campbell is a licensed psychologist serving clients in Plantation, Florida. Dr. Campbell knows that every PTSD sufferer is unique, and therefore, may need unique solutions and treatment options. He works hard to understand your needs first, starting with a complimentary consultation and a sliding fee scale if needed. Call today to schedule.

PTSD in Davie, FL


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