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Hire a forensic psychologist to boost evidence for your legal case.

A forensic psychologist practices psychology within the civil courts and criminal justice system. These psychologists work on understanding why certain behaviors happen and what can be done to minimize these behaviors. They also apply their extensive knowledge of psychological principles to provide motive for a crime or narrow down a suspect list, for example.

Forensic Psychologist in Plantation, Florida

Although forensic psychologists do a majority of their work behind the scenes when working on a case, they can also act as expert witnesses during trials and provide testimony about why they think a crime occurred. In addition, they may express their beliefs about why a defendant acted the way they did, which can influence an alleged criminal’s sentence and the entire outcome of the case.

Dr. James Campbell is a forensic psychologist in Plantation, Florida who has worked on many legal cases throughout his professional experience. Some of the work he performs within the legal system includes consulting with legal counsel, reviewing records (like police reports and medical records), evaluating and assessing those involved with a crime, and additional report writing. He has also testified in court and performed other related work.

Dr. Campbell remains cooperative throughout every case and always provides his unbiased view, helping move any case forward with his psychologically based opinion. Hire Dr. Campbell for an upcoming case or find out more about his work as a forensic psychologist by contacting the office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC.