Tips for Dealing with Depression

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It is not surprising that more people than ever are dealing with depression these days. Few among us are not dealing with uncertainty, changes, or challenges. Even if you have never had depression before, you may be facing it now. Sometimes a person experiences one major bout of depression and works past it, but other times it can become chronic, disruptive, and affect your quality of life for years. Not every situation requires seeing a licensed clinical psychologist, but you should certainly consider doing so if you have been unsuccessful dealing with depression and are concerned that you’ll never come out the other side. Here are a few tips that you can try on your own before taking that step:

  • Focus on the positive. What’s going right in your life right now? Try to see the silver lining in whatever situation you are facing. It can be easy to focus on the negative and forget to consider those things that went right or that you did right. It can be helpful to write out a list each day of your accomplishments.

Tips for Dealing with Depression

  • Tackle your problems in small bites. There is a saying that goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” So it goes with problems! If you have set unattainable goals for yourself and they are getting you depressed, back off them and start with smaller ones so you aren’t setting too high of an expectation on yourself and those around you.
  • Live in the present. Spending too much time fretting about the past or being fearful of the future is not going to do a lot for your mental state. Forget about regrets, as you can do nothing about them now other than set the stage for doing things differently in the future. Practice mindfulness to think about today instead of worrying about what tomorrow might bring.
  • Strive for structure in your day. While being a free spirit doing everything on impulse might seem freeing, it might not be if you are dealing with depression. In this instance, a consistent routine can help you feel back in control instead of feeling helpless about what is going on around you.
  • Surround yourself with a network. It is far harder to feel depressed when you are out enjoying the company of friends than when you are sitting at home. Even if you are social distancing, there are ways to reach out for virtual social support. In addition, just getting out and enjoying the outdoors can have a positive effect.

If you would like a guide to help you through the various ways of dealing with depression, contact us at the office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC. The decision to seek help can often be a leap of faith, and you may feel uneasy about sharing personal feelings with someone you don’t know. However, Dr. Campbell offers a welcoming, friendly demeanor, helping you feel at ease as you work together to overcome your challenges. Regain control of your happiness by reaching out today.