Understanding the Role of Clinical Psychology in Your Mental Health

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In our modern, digital world, it seems like everyone is an armchair expert. While there is certainly a place for sharing knowledge far and wide, there are subjects that warrant expertise. Just as you would see a doctor for issues with your physical health, your mental health deserves informed, attentive, and expert care. That’s where the field of clinical psychology comes in. When you are experiencing difficulties in your mental health, a clinical psychologist can walk alongside you to help you find real solutions and lasting relief.

Understanding the Role of Clinical Psychology in Your Mental Health

The world of mental health care can be difficult to navigate, especially with so many specialized fields of study and areas of practice. Clinical psychology is distinct from psychotherapy and counseling in that a clinical psychologist focuses on a specific aspect of mental health to provide expertise in that area.

Clinical psychology is also used to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. While many people can benefit from generalized psychotherapy and counseling, some require a more thorough understanding of disorders and diagnoses in order to properly assess and treat their challenges.

The office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC offers expertise in the areas of anxiety and depression with a special focus on trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Campbell brings his breadth of experience and knowledge in trauma therapy to provide specialized care for those suffering from traumatic events. If you have experienced a traumatic event and need help coping, or if you are seeking a PTSD assessment, reach out to Dr. Campbell. He brings his expertise and caring attention to help his patients find healing and hope.