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Overcome the challenges of PTSD.

If you experienced a traumatic event at any point in your life, like a serious accident, natural disaster, or armed combat, you may have developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This mental illness can have life-altering effects, and you may try to avoid people or situations that remind you of the traumatic event. You may also experience, strong, negative reactions to ordinary life situations, such as accidental touches or loud noises, that trigger memories of the event.

PTSD Treatment Options in Davie, Florida

Everyone experiences PTSD differently, so your PTSD treatment options should be customized to your situation. For example, if you experience distressing thoughts, dreams, and flashbacks of the traumatic event, your treatment will look different than if you become irritable, angry, or behave in a self-destructive way through alterations in reactivity when reminded of the event.

For many people in the Davie, Florida area, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective PTSD treatment options. This type of treatment involves efforts to change thinking patterns, which may include using problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations, gaining a better understanding of the triggers behind behaviors, and learning to recognize thought distortions that are creating problems. Other treatments include medication and other forms of complementary and alternative therapies.

Learn more about what PTSD treatment options are available to you and move forward from the negative effects this mental illness has on your life by working with Dr. James Campbell. Schedule your complimentary consultation with him today by contacting the office of Dr. James Campbell, LLC.

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